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Sunday 16th September 2018 - 6 of us plus Norman, another hard session, rides close together. 


Tuesday 11th September 2018 - 6 of us plus Norman, hard session, no racing, 1 timed lap with 4 starts included (Shane had to leave early, Gavin Parr in the squad!).

Tuesday 4th September 2018 - 8 of us plus Norman, hard session, no racing or timing.

Tuesday 28th August 2018

The legacy of Andy Angell's two recent training bouts at the Sporting Club have definitely influenced how we tackle our practice sessions now and tonight was another considerable workout for the Vikings and special guests from North Yorkshire, Rob Atkinson and Frank Auffret, having their second visits to the AsatroDrome. A series of warm-up and devil take the hindmost laps was followed by a short match with on-the-trot rests including timed laps.


Tuesday 21st August 2018

A much more relaxed session tonight following two hectic weeks at the mercy of Hull CSC's Andy Angell! We were off to a slow start so only seven heats raced but still a decent workout. Special mention to Jordan Smith whose efforts to grab the win against Jason Keith in heat 4 were excellent. First time Jordan's gone shoulder-to-shoulder with the skipper and he came off best going under him on lap two, but Jay did eventually push Jordan out to the fence and an unfortunate collision with it left him hobbling a bit, together with some green paint on his tee shirt from the top of the pits fence! Good to have Keith Oldham here again and thanks to Norman Carson for performing Starter duties again. Track still very loose but retaining some dampness underneath after recent heavy rain.



Tuesday 14th August 2018

Once again Andy Angell attended our training session and immediately got into Coaching Mode with more savage treatment of the elderly Vikings squad! An extra ingredient this week was the surprise participation of newly-returned to the Sport Vikings and Middlesbrough hero Frank Auffret, he of Speedway fame. He also brought with him fellow Yorkshireman and 'Boro rider Robert Atkinson so our numbers were well up from the norm tonight! And speaking of the norm, ex-Vikings captain of the 1960s Norman Carson also got back on his bike following an extended bout of painful knee trouble and he was joined by Secretary/Chairman Keith Dyer and Treasurer Jim Smith to make the evening even more memorable. After just four previous unstructured practice sessions at Heckondwike's track the pace Frank showed was nothing short of amazing, especially his gating at which he was always top notch, and when he recovers the fitness to maintain it over four laps he's going to be a very quick Veteran racer indeed!

Once again I extend our deepest gratitude to Andy for giving us his valuable time and sharing his vast expertise on two wheels, and we wish him every success in next weekend's British Championship at his home track in Hull.

Tuesday 7th August 2018

A real treat in store for the Vikings tonight as 3-times British Champion, Hull's Andy Angell, turned up at the Astrodrome to put us through our paces. A hard but very satisfying session also saw the re-appearance of Vikings ex-British Over40s Champion Gavin Parr after almost 2 years away from racing.

Tuesday 24th July 2018

What a turnout! Four of us (Jason, Shane, Paul and Terry) have been fairly regular but tonight were pleasantly surprised to be joined by the occasional Dan Wharrier and Jordan Smith. However the highlight came with the arrival of two strangers in their early 20s, Lewis and Kyle, both lured here by non other than the even more occasional JeanPaul Colback! The two new lads got stuck in straight away with advice coming from all sides, I just hope they come back for another go. Obviously they were immediately thrown into the white heat of competition on a very movable surface and did quite well, Kyle surviving while Lewis sampled the hurt of hard shale on the second bend in his first proper race but remounting and carrying on later. Well done lads!


Tuesday 17th July 2018


Tuesday 26th June 2018


Tuesday 19th June 2018


Tuesday 5th June 2018


Tuesday 29th May 2018

Six of us tonight, breezy but pretty mild, track still dry as a bone as it has been most of the year so very dusty. Little option but to have a competitive session with Keith returning to action, his new job shifts not doing him or us any favours! This one finished with all six riders in the final.


Sunday 22nd April 2018

Seven riders again for this one on a lovely night, track a bit dry and loose but we're all used to it now.


Tuesday 1st May 2018 had six riders present with Norman Carson as Starter and Terry Kirkup as flu-ridden spectator! (later proved to be a chest infection). No programme, timed laps and pyramids.).

Tuesday 24th April saw 7 of plus Norman Carson as Starter. We didn't stage a match this time but tried out a few pairings for our match at Hull on Sunday 29th.

Sunday 22nd April 2018

Wow, where did all these riders come from? Amazingly there were NINE of us present for this training session, even with Jason Keith and Dan Wharrier missing on duty for Edinburgh! The result was an entertaining afternoon with plenty of much-needed exercise gained by everyone. Once again Josh Herring and Andy Knowles made long trips from home to join in, many thanks to them both.


Tuesday 17th April 2018

Wow! Eight people in attendance, almost unheard of! Although Norman Carson wasn't riding tonight due to his knee and heel problems he did help out as starter. And amazingly we had our biggest turnout of riders for a very long time. Welcome back JP Colback and Jordan Smith, neither of them expected tonight or any other time, in reality. A decent little session followed by a single timed lap for all. JP looked sharp while Jordan hasn't been too active for some months now but gave it his best shot.


Sunday 15th April 2018


Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Five of us for this one, pretty chilly with a few small puddles around the 1st and 2nd bends but easy enough to avoid. Track surface very good and quite grippy. Daniel Thompson's first rides since October.


Afterwards we pulled some loose shale back over the pits bend dimples and put the little roller on it, Jason driving, Keith & Terry raking.

Sunday 1st April 2018

At last we get back to the reality of outdoor racing, track is good. Some timed laps followed the mini-match.


Session #4.

Our final indoor session at Blyth Sports Centre took place on Saturday 17th March, a day before the "Beast from the East" Russian cold front swept more snow and blizzards back into the UK! Seven of us staged a short programme as in the first session and again there were some excellent tussles. 

EXCELLENT to see our Teeside based, 3-time Clubman of the Year Andy Knowles return to track action after that terrible hand injury he suffered while racing for us last year, and although he's even less match fit than the rest of us he soon adapted to the surface at Blyth and tucked away three wins from his four rides in the main programme.

We now return to normal outdoor activitiy whenever the weather may permit.


Session #3.

Very disappointing turnout for this on Saturday 10th March, our lowest numbers so far. Just five of us made it to Blyth so we did some 16 lappers and general training runs rather than any formatted racing.

Session #2.

Wewere forced to cancel this one scheduled for 3rd March due to the weather making it impossible for everyone to travel to Blyth safely.

Session #1.

As is the norm the winter closed season seems to take an age to pass and we were keen to get the new year underway. The atrocious weather meant absolutely no chance of racing on the track for at least another month so we headed for our new indoor haunt of Blyth Sports Centre just up the coast from our Cramlington base. Just enough of us turned out to make any kind of contest interesting, special thanks going to Josh for digging himself out of snowdrifts in Durham to get here for this one while Paul made his first indoor appearance at Blyth.

Once again there were a good few races that made it all worthwhile, especially the titanic struggle between Jason and Josh when they met in heat 7, both taking out cones along the way and paying the ultimate price of exclusion! That left Terry as event winner after a few steady rides but the Skipper wasn't too happy about that so insisted on a run-off for first place! That saw yet another great scrap between him and Josh, but this time Jason managed to avoid cone-kicking while Josh couldn't resist attacking the defenceless little plastic people and collected another exclusion! 

Sat 24th Feb Indoor