Sunday 16th July 2017 saw the first two-team event at the Sporting Club when a "trial" match was held to test the two proposed Three Rivers League sides for entry in the competition with Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife this year in order to make the racing fairer to the Scottish clubs while trying to include all of our riders. We should really have been racing our Northern League Division Two match at Glasgow but fixture confusion meant we didn't get there.

Team Manager Neil Magee selected the sides, based loosely on domicile or links with Cramlington, and although globetrotting Daniel Wharrier let his Cramlington side down badly with a no-show the final result showed a decent balance between the sides on the day. rare visitor Dean Douglas, surely one of the brightest prospects we've ever had and at just the right age, chose a great time to turn up as he was slotted straight into the Northumbria team to replace the missing Dan Redshaw. Dean started brightly enough but soon found a year's absence a bit too much on the legs!

As ever the biggest tussles would be between Jason and Lee for Northumbria against Cramlington's top man John Wilson, and they were indeed super races with honours just about shared. Lee and partner Shane Gray were the most successful pairing on the day, which probably made the difference.

Full Squad Lists:

Jason Keith
Ashie Patterson
Dan Redshaw
Keith Oldham
Lee Redshaw
Shane Gray
Andy Knowles
Neil Magee
John Wilson
Bradley Stansfield
Dan Wharrier
Jordan Smith
Terry Kirkup
JeanPaul Colback
Norman Carson
Dan Thompson
Paul Thompson