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Hull arrived for the Division 1 meeting on Tyneside with only five riders including young junior Kai Borman.

Up against it from the start, Hull put up a great fight with their top three in great form. Andy Angell, Josh Bellis (both unbeaten) and 22 from Nathan Everett just needed some support to maybe cause an upset. Northumbria decided to spread their rides around and utilised ten riders with Jason Keith and John Wilson their only heat winners. Northumbria took five points in fifteen of the heats.

Running out of riders left Northumbria to run out winners by nine points and take their first league points of the season.

Northumbia 91
Jason Keith 19, Terry Kirkup 11+4, John Wilson 13 (4), Shane Gray 6+3(3), Andy Knowles 6+3(3), Dan Thompson 9(3), Lee Redshaw 8(3), Paul Thompson 7+2(3), Norman Carson 5+1(2), Bradley Stansfield 7+2(3)

Hull 82
Nathan Everett 22, Katie Greaves 6, Josh Bellis 24, no rider, Andy Angell 24, Kai Borman 6

Referee Keith Dyer

With just four riders, and a twenty point penalty for Nathan Everett, Hull were never in with a chance in the Division 2 clash.

Again Northumbria used the maximum number of riders. Dan Thompson was top scorer with paid 18, while Lee Redshaw scored paid 17. Bradley Stansfield and Paul Thompson also scored well.

Nathan Everett and Josh Bellis topped the Hull score chart with 18 points.

Northumbria 88+20 penalty points = 108
Shane Gray 10+1(3), Lee Redshaw 15+2, Andy Knowles 8+2(3), Dan Thmpson 17+1, John Wilson 6(2), Bradley Stansfield 12+3, Paul Thompson 12+2(4), Norman Carson 8+3(3)

Hull 53
Nathan Everett 18***, Kai Borman 6, no rider, Josh Bellis 18, Katie Greaves 11, no rider

Referee Keith Dyer


Terry's Take

Indeed a brave showing from the depleted Yorkshire side, but as ever full commitment from all their riders. Track record holder Andy Angell was in a class of his own while Josh and Nathan were also too good for the homesters, finding Jason keith a little fatigued today although their huge performances in Division One saw them tire slightly towards the end of the D2 match, unsurprisingly! Like many teams in the current climate, Hull are finding it hard to get riders to travel while remaining a potent force on their home track and I've no doubt at all that they will exact revenge on September 3rd when we visit their Humberside home.