Terry’s Take

Well that all went pretty much as expected. Good job Gavin wasn’t doing any speedway riding today but even he wasn’t as sharp as he would have liked with no training before this mighty hurdle loomed up in front of us.

When you can afford to run a current British Champion, in this case that wily fox Lee Lawrence, in your Division Two side, you must have a pretty handy selection of bods for D1, and sure enough Edinburgh did, continuing where they left off last season and crushing the opposition.

With Gavin slightly below Parr (sorry) we weren’t helped by Jason’s first ride tapes exclusion. Try not to laugh, we all know he’s going to do this every so often. And he did compensate with some very effective team riding in his other five. On the evidence we saw today the missing Dan Redshaw wouldn’t have made much difference to our scoring power and most likely he would have just moaned about the track (I didn't hear anyone with a Scottish accent doing that, in fact I didn't hear ANYONE doing it). Unless you’re daft your prediction would have been the same as mine, a crushing defeat for the Vikings.

So that’s the bad news.


No it isn’t, I lied.

The even worse news was the performance of our Division Two side against a largely very young set of Falcons. It was only the presence of another Redshaw, Lee this time, that saved us from total humiliation. Apart from his first race where amazingly he started from gate three with Shane taking one, completely upside down in my opinion, he was excellent and continued the promise he’s been showing in training while his much older (bad!) and more experienced (good?) colleagues were pretty poor in comparison. At least the reserve rides netted mainly second places so we lost very little there.

So that’s the rest of the bad news.


Division Three followed a familiar pattern, little Sam trying his heart out.


It didn’t rain, we didn’t freeze, we didn’t get blown all over Northumberland and the track and surrounds looked superb after Ashie, Norman, Jason  and I painted it up the day before in glorious sunshine. Real backbreaking work and the same old mugs with the brushes. But hey, this was the good news.

Roll on September 3rd.