Match Report by Neil Magee:

Sunday 8th May
Northern League

Division One

Stockport ran out winners by 40 points, they despite riding without Jack Lush, looking ominously like title favourites once again. Only the pairing of Gavin Parr and Dan Redshaw was able to offer up much resistance. They certainly proved spoilers, with Ben Higham being the only visitor to go through the card unbeaten.

NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 14+3, Dan Redshaw 13, Jason Keith 10, Terry Kirkup 8, Keith Oldham 7, Shane Gray 7, Andy Knowles 6, Dan Thompson 5
STOCKPORT: Ben Higham 19+1, Terry Norman 17+2, Jake Read 15+4, Dylan Radcliffe 14+3, Mat Lush 14+2, Michael Preston 13, Louis Wright 11, Devon Campbell 7+1

Division Two
NORTHUMBRIA 113 (56+57)

Stockport were looking to take win by going through the meeting with a perfect run of 7-3's, until Jake Read moved and was excluded from the gate in heat 7. Thereafter the event turned into a much more sporting affair, with Ben Higham proving himself a fine gentleman as he gave chase to some the young home riders, although nobody was going to stop the fine trio of visiting youngster, they all riding unbeaten. Samanthan Crane certainly enjoyed the action, her debut netting her 5+1 from three rides, Paul Thompson top scoring for the Vikings thanks to a late win.

NORTHUMBRIA: Paul Thompson 10, Dean Douglas 9+1, Dan Thompson 9, Lee Redshaw 7+1, Andy Knowles 6, Keith Oldham 6, Samantha Crane 5+1, Shane Gray 4
STOCKPORT: Louis Wright 20, Michael Preston 19+1, Devon Campbell 18+2, Mat Lush 16+3, Jake Read 11+2, Ben Higham 9+2

Division Three

With no visiting U-13 riders, Samantha Crane was able to ride to 16 points untroubled, while Bailey Bowman took a steady afternoon of racing himself with 12 in support.

NORTHUMBRIA: Samantha Crane 16, Bailey Bowman 12


Terry's Take

What a team!