Match report by Neil Magee

Sunday 24th April 2016
Northern League

Division One
BURY 103

Both sides were missing top men, current top of Northumbria averages and third in the league Jason Keith for the home side, while Ben Scranage was still recovering from a motorcycle spill for the visitors. It was no surprise that Bury were in the better position to cope, they having plenty of strength in depth throughout their young squad. Gavin Parr and a much bolder riding Dan Redshaw offered the most resistance, Chris Parish dropping his only point to Parr, while Danny Taylor and James Elston put in plenty of fast rides to back up their own number one. Northumbria did well during the first half, going into the break only four down, but the later heats belonged to Bury, they taking five 7-3's from heat 10 onwards. The match was the last in Northumbria colours for a while for Dan Wharrier, he off to spend time working in the USA, with I am sure all his friends and fellow riders wishing him well.

NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 17+2, Dan Redshaw 14, Michael Parr 11+1, Dan Wharrer 9+1, Terry Kirkup 9+1, Dan Thompson 7, Paul Thompson 6, Bradley Stansfield 3
BURY: Chris Parish 18+1, Danny Taylor 18, James Elston 16+1, Neil Howarth 12+4, Adam Taylor 12+2, Adam Turnbull 11+2, Kaysor Mohammedi 11, Steve Mann 5

Division Two

If Northumbria had any title ambitions at this level, then this was surely one they had to win, they set to be severely tested by a top of the table Bury. It was a test the visitors instead passed with aplomb, the very rapid Kaysor Mohammedi starring with a max, while James Elston was also unbeaten. Shane Gray ended up top scorer for the home side, despite an unlucky fall in his first ride, with Dean Douglas also battling away well. The races involving newcomer Eryk Motala certainly proved interesting, the Bury ride no doubt pleased with his excellent win in heat eight. 

NORTHUMBRIA: Shane Gray 11+2, Dean Douglas 11+1, Keith Oldham 11, Andy Knowles 10+1, Dan Redshaw 10, Dan Thompson 7, Lee Redshaw 2, Paul Thompson 1
BURY: Kaysor Mohammedi 20, James Elston 18+2, Adam Taylor 16, Adam Turnbull 14+5, Eryk Motala 8, Louis Turner 3, Alan Plimley 3

Division Three
BURY 114

This division saw a brilliant turn out of 14 riders in the field, Bury having the edge with an impressive total of 8 youngsters willing to make the long journey to race in the north-east. Louis Turner went unbeaten for the visitors, with Josh Neath also impressing. Lee Redshaw was only beaten by Turner, Northumbria more pleased to see debuts for Ellis Carr and Bradley Whitfield go without a hitch, while Bradley and Sam Stansfield got stuck in as usual also.

NORTHUMBRIA: Lee Redshaw 19, Bradley Stansfield 16, Sam Stansfield 14, Samantha Crane 11, Ellis Carr 8, Bradley Whitfield 7
BURY: Louis Turner 20, Josh Neath 18, Harry Radford 16, Dewar Mohammedi 15, Holly Quinn 13, Duncan Whalley 12, Louis Roberts 11, Hermione Whalley 9


Terry's Take

What a fantastic effort Bury made today in bringing so many riders to the AstroDrome, a really remarkable achievement and we greatly appreciate their effort in doing so. The only thing that made the Division One match bearable was the unfortunate absence of Ben Scranage, otherwise an even more impressive Bury win may have been on the cards. I'm still a little baffled as to how so many other clubs can find new young riders who only take a year or two to strike it rich in Division One while we have real trouble. While Dan Redshaw seems to be breaking free of below par performances now and really getting stuck in, our other young hopeful Dean Douglas simply doesn't get enough good track time with his work and speedway committments but these two need some more teammates around their own age to make us a viable prospect for the future. However, we'll always be grateful for the strong commitment of Keith and Shane who with our amazing import Andy Knowles keep the Division Two ship steady.

There was plenty of good racing in all three events and the support from the other side of the fence was superb for both clubs. Well done to all our little Division Three tots today who simply do not get the amount of regular competitive racing that the Yorkshire/Lancashire teams can provide being so close geographically, but of course in that respect the Scottish clubs have the same issue.