Report by Neil Magee

Sunday 3rd April 2016

Northern League Division Two

Lee Redshaw came 'off the bench' once again to prove a match winner for Northumbria, the youngster missing his normal Div 3 racing today and riding reserve in Div 2, he proving he has what it takes to race at a higher level. Fourteen points from four rides were scored by Lee, the youngster having help for a very aggressive riding older brother Dan Redshaw, his older heat leaders and junior motor speedway rider Dean Douglas. Paul Thompson had the best race of his career with a third to first move on the last lap of heat six, his effort typical of the performances put in by his team mates. Glasgow certainly made a fight of it in response, Joe Beuckman and Colin Gray looking much improved this year and very competitive througout, Brandon Kay an impressive young newcomer, while team leader Andy McDougal concentrated on team riding. Chic Mackie also has his moment in heat 12, the world's oldest cycle speedway rider holding off home club coach Richie Smith for four thrilling laps. It was a brilliant meeting with loads and loads of passing, so well done to both teams for serving up a superb afternoon's racing.

NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 15+3, Lee Redshaw 14, Shane Gray 13+1, Dean Douglas 11+1, Keith Oldham 11, Dan Thompson 9+1, Paul Thompson 6+1, Richie Smith 3
GLASGOW: Andy McDougal 16+3, Brandon Kay 13+1, Colin Gray 13, Joe Beuckmann 13, Jim Alexander 9, Chic Mackie 6+1

Northern League Division Three

Three home riders rode unopposed to take the win for Northumbria. Bradley and Sam Stansfield had their own private battle, Bradley just about coming out on top this time, while Samantha Crane continues to make steady progress, she remaining a key rider for the club at this level.

NORTHUMBRIA: Bradley Stansfield 15, Sam Stansfield 13, Samantha Crane 8


Terry's Take

If I had to sum this one up in just 2 short words it would go something like this:

Lee Redshaw

But in fairness to the other lads they all rode superbly again. Dan spent a fair time at the back or behind the visitors in a few of his races but his charges forward were what we've been looking for since the middle of 2014. Meanwhile Keith again showed his liking for the new bike, only letting himself down with one drift wide losing himself a certain win. Shane was rock steady as usual giving great chase when behind an opponent. The Thompson Twins (father and son, but I like this moniker!) looked quicker than ever and Paul's best ride from the back was a doozie. Incidentally he also looked a whole lot faster at our practice the following Tuesday night. Dean only lost out in one of his races looking fantastic in his others while Richie made a rare NL appearance to bump his CV, enjoying his tussles as ever. The Glasgow lads never give up and had a few bouts of misfortune to prevent them getting a shot at a last heat decider, and as predicted in the programme notes looked quicker than last year to show steady improvement while lynchpin Andy dropped just a single point.

When young Lee stops tiring so quickly he is going to be some force in and outside of his own agegroup, that's for sure. I love it when a plan comes together.