CRAMLINGTON CROWN, Sunday 6th March 2016

FINAL: 1st Gavin Parr, 2nd Jason Keith, 3rd Dan Redshaw, 4th Mick Parr

Semi Final 1: 1st Gavin Parr, 2nd Dan Redshaw, 3rd Fred Mitchell, 4th Keith Oldham
Semi Final 2: 1st Jason Keith, 2nd Mick Parr, 3rd Dan Wharrier, 4th Terry Kirkup

Qualiying Scores: Gavin Parr 16, Jason Keith 14, Fred Mitchell 13, Dan Redshaw 13, Mick Parr 13, Dan Wharrier 13, Keith Oldham 12, Terry Kirkup 9, Shane Gray 9, Andy Knowles 9, Dan Thompson 8, Neil Magee 7, Paul Thompson 7



FINAL: 1st Lee Redshaw, 2nd Lewis Petre, 3rd Bradley Stansfield, 4th Sam Stansfield


CONSOLATION FINAL: 1st Sam Stansfield, 2nd Samantha Crane, 3rd Bailey Bowman


Qualifying Scores: Lee Redshaw 16, Lewis Petre 14, Bradley Stansfield 14, Sam Stansfield 12, Bailey Bowman 8, Samantha Crane 8

A bitterly cold afternoon but at last we've had some decent frost in the ground and the track was massively improved from Wednesfield's visit the week before, not that it was really bad that day but could have done with more settlement time. It was great to see a couple of unexpected participants turn up in the shape of our Middlesborough-based top team man Andy Knowles and Alston domiciled Viking Fred Mitchell. Andy was admittedly way down on fitness but his starts were very good and he still gave chase effectively while he had the energy. Fred did his now almost "normal" magic trick of looking like the fastest on show after a massive gap in track time living as he does beyond the sticks in Cumbria. Both added some extra spice to an interesting meeting.

Gavin made it back from holiday just ahead of start time to defend his title and did so with consumate ease while our number two Jason Keith will take a bit longer to get up to full speed. Michael Parr looked pretty handy and eased into the semis and Final while Dan Redshaw and Dan Wharrier both got caught out in their expected scraps with Terry Kirkup and dropped an unexpected point each but still made the semis comfortably. Of the rest Keith Oldham continues to show good form on his new Archie Wilkinson steed, gating very well and staying closer to the line now, while Shane Gray pushed hard in all his races and was close to collecting a few good scalps, just missing out on the semi finals. Highlight of the day (low light if you're me) was seeing TK excluded while leading his last ride for NOT WEARING A HELMET!!!

The Final went the way it may have been predicted with Gavin streaking away to hold the Crown for another year, chased for two good laps by Jason while Mick couldn't keep Dan at bay for the full distance. Glad to get home and warmed up after this one!

The youngsters put on a good show with Samantha doing her best to regain the confidence that saw her take fastest lap amongst all our Challenge Wednesday school novices before that freak accident saw her break a wrist in her first Junior Vikings meeting last year. Bradley, Sam, Bailey, Lewis and Lee are currently our best hopes of producing a decent young side in the years ahead.