10th May 2015 by Neil Magee

Edinburgh once again proved just too strong for the Vikings, a strong start from the Falcons seeing them establish a 12 point lead at the halfway stage. Only Gavin Parr was able to win a heat for the home team in that first half, Parr who is surely one of the most in form riders in the country at the moment, beginning with a quite amazing blast of acceleration to go around the outside of Scottish No.1 Mikey Hewitson in his first ride, then cruising to max and untroubled thereafter.

Kamil Greszla had started with three wins and with Craig Newsome also smooth on his way to 16+2, the Scots only needed a good performance from Neil Swanson racing well on his favourite track, to put them well in the ascendency. Northumbria did launch a late comeback, Terry Kirkup and Dan Wharrier taking a 7-3 in a re-run of heat 15, Gavin Parr then seeing Dan Redshaw home for another max return in the next, but the 2 league points were secured in the penultimate heat, before Jake Slight followed home his captain Hewitson in the finale to seal the win in style.

NORTHUMBRIA 84: Gavin Parr 19+1, Jason Keith 13+1, Dan Wharrier 12+1, Michael Parr 11+1, Dan Redshaw 11+1, Terry Kirkup 10+2, John Wilson 7, Keith Oldham 1
EDINBURGH 94: Mikey Hewitson 18+1, Craig Newsome 16+2, Kamil Greszla 16, Neil Swanson 15+1, Jake Slight 11+2, Neil McPherson 8+1, Marcin Czarkowski 7, Douglas Morgan 3

Northern League Division 2
With the Vikings tracking a side full of youngsters and newcomers, they had little chance against the current Div 2 champions, Edinburgh quickly forging ahead into a commanding lead. There was some good racing however to maintain interest for the local support, young Archie Freeman beginning with a fine third ahead of much older debutant George Mitchell being a particular early highlight, with Dan Thompson also in the thick of the action as he top scored for the Vikings.

While the experienced Edinburgh riders as expected rode through the card, their best performances were perhaps that of the aforementioned and quick to adapt George Mitchell, while his daughter Skye was team ridden home for an excellent 2nd place in heat 7 by Marcin Czarkowski.

NORTHUMBRIA 56: Dan Thompson 13, Keith Oldham 10, Liam Robinson 10, Archie Freeman 7+2, Paul Thompson 7+1, Jim Graham 5+1, Lee Redshaw 4+1, Lewis Petre 3
EDINBURGH 91: Gavin Kennedy 20, Douglas Morgan 18+2, Ewan Kennedy 17+3, Marcin Czarkowski 16+3, George Mitchell 12, Skye Mitchell 8

Northern League Division 3
Archie Freeman, a 150cc motor speedway rider who features for Newcastle Gems in the Northern Junior League, looks to be some prospect in whichever discipline of this oval sport he races in, he riding with some style to a full house of 16 points.

Lee Redshaw meanwhile is showing much improved pace and did his best to counter Archie, but had to just give second best, while Skye Mitchell kept at it to come from behind to deny Lewis Petre for third as the youngest of our Vikings tired towards the end of his later races.

NORTHUMBRIA 33: Archie Freeman 16, Lee Redshaw 12, Lewis Petre 5
EDINBURGH 7: Skye Mitchell 7