Match Report by Neil Magee

Northern League 
Sunday 22nd March 2015

Division One

Bury followed on from their narrow loss last week to Stockport, with a convincing win in the end at Northumbria. Two good wins from Northumbria’s Dan Redshaw including one over Ben Scranage no less, along with a couple of machinery issues for Bury’s James Elston, meant that the scores remained tight at the halfway stage, but the visitors superior strength told in the 2nd half, they pulling well away. Danny Taylor was on top form for Bury with three wins, while Chris Parish dropped his only point to home skipper Gavin Parr.

NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 18+1, Jason Keith 15, Dan Redshaw 13, Mick Parr 11, Terry Kirkup 9+2, Dan Wharrier 8+2, Keith Oldham 5, Neil Magee 3
BURY: Chris Parish 18+1, Danny Taylor 16, Ben Scranage 15+2, Kris Ramsden 15+1, Ryan Livesey 11+2, Neil Howarth 10+2, James Elston 10, Will Thacker 1

Division Two

Steve Mann rode to a faultless 20 point max to lead the scoring for a strong looking Bury side, he having a much better day than last time at the Cramlington track when he crashed out of the meeting in his first ride. With plenty of helpful team riding from James Elston and Danny Taylor, almost all the the visiting riders were able to rack up some decent scores. Home cheers were reserved for early wins for Fred Mitchell and Dan Thompson, while Jim Graham provided a racing masterclass in heat 13 as he cut back from third to first in one fell swoop. Andy Knowles top scored for Northumbria, as well as setting up his team mate several times with some typical canny team riding. Paul Thompson was badly shaken after a nasty crash in his final ride, landing on the starting grid after a mid-straight swerve by his opponent, but should be ok to be back on track next week.

NORTHUMBRIA: Andy Knowles 10+1, Dan Thompson 10, Jim Graham 9, Keith Oldham 9, Fred Mitchell 9, Paul Thompson 5, Lewis Petre 4+1, Lee Redshaw 3
BURY: Steve Mann 20, James Elston 17+3, Will Thacker 16, Danny Taylor 15+5, Chas Whalley 12+2, Louis Turner 12+1

Division Three

A trio of Falcons flew in to boost Northumbria, no not the Edinburgh team, but a set of young brothers all who took to the shale for the first time with no little style or effort on show. Travis Falcon was the pick of the new guys, the eldest putting in some fast riding on his debut, he and Lee Redshaw notching up 14 points each, while the ever determined Lewis Petre backed them up with a double figure score. Meanwhile lone Bury rider Louis Turner was cruising along in front every time he took the track, his extra experience clearly evident as he posted a 16 point max.

NORTHUMBRIA: Lee Redshaw 14, Travis Falcon 14, Lewis Petre 10, Declan Falcon 9, Bradley Falcon 7
BURY: Louis Turner 16

Terry's Take: 

Bury were very unfortunate/we were very lucky that young Lancastrian flyer James Elston shed a chain twice. Otherwise the result was fully expected, although all of the Vikings had clearly bucked up since the mauling at Heckmondwike a week earlier and it surely can't be long before justice is done and Dan Wharrier's efforts are properly rewarded. I was dead pleased to get amongst it at last although I'd love to see all riders sticking to the rules or at least making some effort to, and their faster victims not suffering bully-boy tactics from riders carrying an extra 25 kilos or a half century age-wise advantage! (crying over - for now).

Great to see my old Sixties teammate Colin Grant at the track with his grandsons, who all looked brilliant on their debuts, but he can't be persuaded to try again although I'm sure I can get him to join in just once on Vintage Mayhem Day with our Scottish pals! And as Neil mentioned above, my other '60s teammate Jim Graham had a scorcher of a ride this afternoon which brought the house down, and this after a very quiet winter, training-wise. Really good to see Jimmy pull one out of the bag when absolutely no-one expects it!