Sunday 19th October 2014, Northumbria v Heckmondwike, Northern League

Northern League Division One



With Michael Parr and Mark Mulvey missing, the Vikings expected a close match, but in the end pulled away to win comfortably thanks to some excellent riding from the engine room of the team. The two Dan's both ended their campaign in style, Dan Redshaw unlucky not to score more but for a couple of slips on the 2nd bend, while Terry Kirkup shrugged off a few injury niggles to go out with a bang and replacement 'No.1' Keith Oldham put in a solid performance. Pawel Idziorek naturally provided good opposition for home skipper Gavin Parr, losing out the first time they met, but lowering his own track record in heat 12 to 42.1 seconds as he won 2nd time round, Adam Watson also providing lively back up to the young Polish flyer.


NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 19, Jason Keith 15+2, Daniel Wharrier 15+1, Terry Kirkup 13+4, Dan Redshaw 12+2, Keith Oldham 8+1, Andy Knowles 1, Jim Graham 1

HECKMONDWIKE: Pawel Idziorek 18+1, Adam Watson 16, Darren Kent 12+1, Ryan Summersgill 8, Justin Naylor 6, Laura Watson 6




What a heat 15 ! Dan Wharrier riding hard into the first bend and ending up with the bragging rights over his rival Dan Redshaw, another young scamp meanwhile racing easily away to lead for the Warriors as they ended this challenge with a super 7-3. Team manager Jason Keith had remained loyal to the home camp, refusing to pick any of the three guest Heckmondwike riders, a commendable choice which surely gives him the upper hand over glory hunting opposite number Gavin Parr. Man of the match had to be Norm the Storm Carson, also riding for Dan Wharrier's team by the way, for his amazing ride as he held off repeated attacks from both inside and out from a couple of Gavin's riders in heat 12, the result when this individual performance was taken into account, totally immaterial really.


REDS: Ryan Summersgill 17+1, Dan Redshaw 16, Laura Watson 15+1, Justin Naylor 13+1, Keith Oldham 13, Jim Graham 11, Archie Freeman 4+1

WARRIORS: Daniel Wharrier 16+2, Dean Douglas 11, Norman Carson 10, Richie Smith 9, Neil Magee 8, Dan Thompson 7, Lee Redshaw 1, Lewis Petre 1

Gavin's Gatherings:

With a list of twelve riders to choose from Gavin and Jason were given the jobs as team managers for this friendly fixture due to Heckmondwike not having currently a second team.

Nine Vikings were joined by three of the lesser experienced Hecky riders for what looked like a great close match.

Jason won the toss of the coin so got first pick and decided in his wisdom to go about picking one of the weakest teams in living history. With the exception of up and coming Dan T and Dean D he decided on old fogie Magee, Plastic Knee Carson and out of practise Smith. Gavin on the other hand showed his superior knowledge of the sport and picked a mixture of youth and experience.

So after the first eight heats and five 7-3 scores to the Reds, the Warriors claimed inside grids to try and stop the onslaught. Jason tried to rally his troops but the mixture of plastic joints and sawdust between the ears meant the onslaught from the fantastic Reds just kept on going.

With the final score resembling a game of cricket between Australia and Bangladesh the Reds had a brief team meeting going into the last heat where it was decided to let the Warriors have a moment of glory. A slight bit of rest from the tears flowing down their faces saw them finish off with a heat advantage.

All in all a great advert for Cycle Speedway and with Jason’s managerial skills looking so good it was noted that he is now 4/5 to be the next manager of Sunderland.

Report by - Jay Noidea

Terry's Take:

If ever a rider deserved respect then his name is Darren Kent. Darren has single-handedly kept his Club going through some hard times, an enviable record that many including myself would have loved to copy but didn't have Darren's resolve or commitment. It's always good to have such dedicated CS folk visit us up here and we wish him well as there seems to be some improvement in numbers for the Yorkshire side lately.

I don't think I was alone in thinking that we genuinely expected to be stretched today with both Michael and Mark out of action, leaving just Gavin and Jason to aggravate Heckmondwike's Big Three. The improvement in Adam Watson since last year is the kind of expectation we have for our own younger riders and together with Pawel and Darren he proved to be a real thorn in our side today. Fortunately, Dan and Dan had a good day for us and we were able to rule the mid-pack to give us a very uncertain win, so Well Done indeed to those two for their extra effort.

It was great to see my team partner today, the ever-jovial Keith Oldham, giving it his all. Keith has probably ridden less than anyone and we all know how hard it is to get up to league racing speed without regular competition, but he raised his game today with a great display, and how close would the scores have been without his superb input? In fact Keith was an inspiration to me after a disappointing Euro-Vets meeting the day before at Wednesfield where I couldn't mix it with the fast lads as much as I had been recently, so it was good to get some extra points and try to plug the gaps Mick and Mark had created.