With the collapse of the Northumbria club as a Northern League entity at the end of 2017, the Vikings foursome who were left and still wanted regular racing (Shane Gray, Josh Herring, Jason Keith and Terry Kirkup) had to spread their wings. Falcon's wings seemed more than logical so they headed north of the border to join Edinburgh CSC for the 2019 season, Jason having been a full-time Edinburgh rider in 2018 too while Shane rode two matches for Glasgow.

While they immediately settled in to their new roles (Jason and Josh in Division One, Shane and Terry Division Two) it still wasn't enough for the keen quartet but fortunately the Northern League committee had enabled both the defunct Heckmondwike and Northumbria clubs to play an active part-time part in racing by including them in the Northern Fours. This saw Heckmondwike racing with the Yorkshire and Lancashire clubs and Northumbria with their Scottish neighbours.

Of course Jason and Terry continue(d) to take part in the Euro-Vets competition while the latter also found an invitation to ride for a short-handed Hull in the Yorkshire League too good to resist and so became a semi-regular Wednesday nighter around Yorkshire too, although he's now ridden for both Hull and Heckmondwike as the need arose!

A very popular Jason was off on his country-wide jaunts taking part in invitational individual and team matches at Wednesfield, Kesgrave and a few other spots way down south and the pair both represented England in their terrific win in the Home Internationals at Ipswich in July.

This arrangement looks set to continue for the foreseeable futre as the Vikings look to rebuild the club from the ground up, very much reliant on our BC Coach Richie Smith to introduce new youngsters to the Sport.

And to that end Richie continued to run his Saturday or Sunday afternoon Under 16 sessions until the onset of winter when we were forced to move indoors, like last year at Blyth Sports Centre. The first session there on Saturday 9th November saw just one youngster turn up to share the 2 hour session with four seniors including Northern League Individual Champion Nathan Everett-Atkinson from Hull.

We advertised the following 3 weekends as a chance for anyone from other clubs to attend, acting as a warm-up for the British Indoor Finals at Coventry in January.