Match Report by Neil Magee

Northern League Div 1

Hull's senior riders had concentrated their efforts on the previous days successful cup match against East Park, leaving their younger counterparts to take on Northumbria in the league. The visitors were therefore strong favourites, but were still made to work hard for the points, a slide off for Dan Redshaw in heat 10 almost leaving the door open for a comeback by the Humbersiders, but the job was completed as he made amends by leading home Gavin Parr for a 7-3 in heat 14 which restored as 12 point lead for Northumbria. Further wins for the unbeaten Parr and Jason Keith, sealed the win, Lee Redshaw putting in a solid debut and confirming victory with an 2nd place in the penultimate race.

HULL: Nathan Everett 17+1, Josh Bellis 16, David Cooper 15+2, Mike Steward 11, Dave Lister 9+1, Jack Lister 9, Barry Asthon 4+1, Laura Steward 3
NORTHUMBRIA: Jason Keith 19, Gavin Parr 18+2, Michael Parr 14+2, Dan Redshaw 14, Terry Kirkup 11+1, Lee Redshaw 9, Andy Knowles 7+2, Keith Oldham 4

Northern League Div 2

Northumbria were able to race to a straightforward win, against a youthful home outfit. David Cooper took three unbeaten outings from reserve for Hull, but while there was plenty of determination from his team mates, the longer legs of the visitors were always going to pedal faster. Dan Redshaw rode unbeaten for Northumbria, this surely his last season at this level, while younger brother Lee again showed up well with Dan Thompson the third top scorer, Andy Knowles also unbeaten for the visitors.

HULL: David Cooper 12, Katie Greaves 11, Ed Lister 9, Jack Lister 7, Lillie O'Neil 5, Victor Habirek 5, Laura Steward 5, Dave Lister 3
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 17+3, Lee Redshaw 17+1, Dan Thompson 14+2, Neil Magee 12+2, Paul Thompson 11+1, Andy Knowles 11+1, Keith Oldham 10

Northern League Division 3

Lee Redshaw rode an unbeaten but lone path for Northumbria. He is now 5th in the league averages, with only Louis Turner, Tom Whitwam, John White and Matt Snell above him. The quartet are likely to provide stern opposition for Lee and also Bradley Stansfield in the upcoming League U13 Championships.

HULL: scorers unknown
NORTHUMBRIA: Lee Redshaw 16

Terry's Take

Another bone dry track which a few of my colleagues found a bit slippery, in fact everyone apart from Gavin and I. We both put it down to riding style (or lack of).

Even with a severely weakened side Hull managed to give us a very good run for our money, the scores remaining close throughout with the home side's three brilliant youngsters scoring heavily and teamriding to great effect. Unfortunately some of their tactics sparked a bit of angst in the away pits as our preferred method of racing is racing. Referee Andy Schofield had a hard time smoothing the waters but remained calm and in control, once again lack of respect for authority being demonstrated by us. My own objection was made by simply slowing and refusing to be part of it in one race although that didn't do the team much good, but neither does screaming and shouting.

Highlight was the Division One debut of Lee Redshaw who has been protected from it so far, his thirteenth birthday coming very shortly now. Lee may not be as quick (yet) as some of the Northern League's Under 14 superbrats but he's the best we've had since a very young Gavin Parr started to make it big. It was a treat for me being able to share a heat with him in our last race which he rode perfectly, even with that tricky final bend which sees so many passes being made by home riders. Here's Lee winning heat one of the Divison 2 match in great style.