TK’s Take

In the absence of any of the usual match reports you’ll have to make do with a very short summary!

Well this one will hopefully not live in the memory too long. Another total rout like the Glasgow match, or it sure would have been without a stunning performance from stand-in Captain Jason Keith. Ditto for the Division Two fixture (or even worse?), but unfortunately we tackled this one without Jason, as indeed we should have done as he shouldn’t be racing outside of Division One for 20 or 30 years yet. Great show from the Bury youngsters, and we need to question what we were doing here at all with a team of veterans against a team of barely teenage kids. Vikings average age about 59, Comets roughly 15. Wrong, very wrong. More of the same to come on our final 2016 NL trips to Stockport and Astley and I'll be extremely glad when this season is over.

The only other Viking to emerge with any credit was Norman Carson who just kept giving it everything and took ten races over the two matches without flagging, an effort that surely pleased him as much as it did us to watch it. That’s not to say the rest of us were useless, just that we were racing well outside our known boundaries today.

As for myself, I will not race and take points from tiddlers even if I can get ahead of them, it’s just not right, I’d rather give them a push and encouragement hence my moving over for young Kaysar Mohammadi in the D2 match. Once again I must thank the superb Andy Knowles for making another solitary trip to help us out, knowing what the outcome would be and also to Jim Smith, a total hero stepping up for the Division Two match to plug a gap for us.