STOCKPORT KOCup Sunday 5th June

Report by Keith Dyer

It was very hot and sunny when the team arrived at Stockport's track with temperatures around 25/80 degrees. With little water the track was very dusty, but stood up well enough to provide some exciting racing.
The first semi final was a three horse race, as Heckmondwike arrived with only two riders. Despite a strong finish, Edinburgh just failed to catch Bury, so it was Bury and favourites Stockport going to the final.
Stockport 52, Bury 44, Edinburgh 42, Heckmondwike 11.

Our semi was another close affair, and by the end there was only one point between the top three teams. Northumbria despite only having three heat winners put in a solid performance with only one last place. Going into the final four heats, leaders Sheffield faltered allowing Hull and Northumbria to close in. Hull can count themselves unfortunate as while they won three of the races, Dominic Bent touched the tapes. 13 points for us was enough to come second, although Hull had the same total, and Sheffield was just ahead by one point. It was a run off for a place in the final, Gavin Parr and Andy Angell took part. Andy lost the toss and Gavin took the inside. After one false start, Gavin gated and kept Andy wide. Angell's challenge ended on the third bend when he overslid. Northumbria through!

Sheffield 45, Northumbria 44, Hull 44, Astley and Tyldesley 25.

Onto the final, Northumbria were outclassed, and despite some decent first laps, the intense heat took its toll on the side. There was controversy in heat 4. Gavin was leading when Stockport's Jack Lush dived on the inside, the two riders collided. Despite doing nothing untoward, Gavin was excluded for unintentional legging.
Stockport went on to an easy win.

Stockport 57, Bury 41, Sheffield 34, Northumbria 26.

Mick Parr 11 and 5
Jason Keith 10 and 6
Dan Redshaw 9 and 5
Gavin Parr 14 and 10.