Sunday 16th August, report by Neil Magee

Northern League

Division One

Gavin Parr raced to a quite simply superb 20 point maximum, a feat matched by no other rider for some years now at the home of the strongest team in the north. The racing whenever the Vikings skipper was on track was faultless every time and had to be, with the young home riders ever determined in their chases. There were precious few points taken from the home side otherwise, their score only dented by a crash-a-rama in heat 9 which saw Mat Lush and Dylan Radcliffe having to withdraw from the meeting. Jason Keith went flopping off at the front when under pressure from Lush, then was ran over in spectacular fashion by both the two Stockport chasing riders and also (sometime later) by Dan Wharrier. Mick Parr also got in on the crashing party, he and Brian Eaton resuming old rivalries, the others happy enough to ride round and collect their points, against surely the team that will be crowned league champions once more this season.

STOCKPORT: Ben Higham 17+2, Jake Read 17+1, Jack Lush 16+2, Terry Norman 14+1, Brian Eaton 11+1, Chris Eaton 10+1, Dylan Radcliffe 7+1, Mat Lush 6+1
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 20, Jason Keith 11, Daniel Wharrier 10+1, Terry Kirkup 10, Michael Parr 9+1, Dan Redshaw 8+1, Andy Knowles 5+1, Keith Oldham 4+1

Division Two

With Stockport only able to track three eligible riders, the match was a foregone conclusion with penalty points coming into play, but what a trio of youngsters they have. Michael Preston, Devon Campbell and young Louis Wright provided plenty of excellent racing and all deserved their tall scores against (in most cases) their much taller opposition. Northumbria could do with more like this lot coming through the ranks, Jimmy Smith and Keith Dyer having to be coerced into turning out here among the various veterans and two Dans. 

STOCKPORT: Ben Higham 17+3, Jack Lush 17+3, Devon Campbell 17+2, Michael Preston 16, Jake Read 14+2, Louis Wright 12+2
NORTHUMBRIA: Daniel Wharrier 14+1, Dan Redshaw 13, Keith Oldham 9, Andy Knowles 7, Neil Magee 7, Jimmy Smith 4, Keith Dyer 2


Terry's Take

Once again we were saved from a demoralising crush by the erstwhile 6-time Champions through the superb riding of Gavin Parr, with Jason still suffering from yesterday's trauma at the British Veterans Club Finals in Hull. Even the handful of new youngsters this similarly rider-starved club have discovered will be far better riders than our middle order in a very short time, though to be fair Stockport did field three veterans of their own today!