Sunday 19th July Report by Neil Magee 

Northern League
Match Report:

Division One

Despite the fact that Bury were missing several regular first team riders, they were still too strong for a pretty much full strength Northumbria. The visitors tried hard throughout to keep the scores close, Michael Parr riding through the pain barrier of a leg injury sustained at Hull to win his final race in some style, while Gavin Parr was only denied his now customary max after a desperate lunge from Ben Scranage in the final heat brought him down, the race however not stopped as Ryan Livesy rode past both the two fallen riders. Chris Parish top scored for the home side, dropping his only point in another hard fought encounter with Gavin Parr, James Elston also among the big points in support, with Neil Howarth providing strong back up.

BURY: Chris Parish 18+1, James Elston 17+1, Ryan Livesey 16, Ben Scranage 14+2, Neil Howarth 14+2, Adam Taylor 7+1, Steve Mann 6, Kaysor Mohammedi 4
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 19, Daniel Wharrier 12+2, Jason Keith 12, Michael Parr 11, Terry Kirkup 10+1, Dan Redshaw 8, Andy Knowles 7+1, Keith Oldham 4+1

Division Two

Northumbria have most of this season chosen to give newer riders a chance in their 2nd team, but with no newcomers travelling this weekend ended up putting out an experienced side, which got the win in what turned out to be a hard fought match. Bury's youngsters manoeuvred themselves several times into positions to keep back the chasing visiting riders, resulting in a few falls and calls to the referee which livened up the competitiveness of the meeting. The visitors were certainly more and more motivated as the match went on to make sure of the points, Dan Redshaw and Daniel Wharrier being backed up by the clubs veterans and running out comfortable winners as perhaps expected in the end. 

BURY: James Elston 16+1, Steve Mann 16+1, Kaysor Mohammedi 13+1, Harry Radford 7, Adam Taylor 6, Louis Turner 6, Daniel Miller 3
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 18, Daniel Wharrier 15+2, Neil Magee 15, Keith Oldham 12+2, Jim Graham 10+1, Andy Knowles 9+1, Lewis Petre 2

Division Three
BURY 98 (Louis Turner 16)
NORTHUMBRIA 13 (Lewis Petre 13)

Lewis Petre fought a lone battle against 11 home riders, doing a brilliant job of only dropping three points and also taking a fine race win. There is no doubt this 8 year old set a superb example to all of how to ride in this sport, ever smiling and never complaining. Northumbria now just having to wait for their Div 3 captain and his team mates to grow a little as they develop into the top young racers we are sure they will become.

Post Meeting Notes from the Chairman's debriefing at Wetherby Services:

1) Jimmy Smith would like to step down as treasurer, but will continue until the end of the season. Jason Keith will work with Jimmy to arrange collection of monies and shadow Jimmy in his role for the remainder of the year. A vote at the next AGM will determine who takes on the role in 2016, with Judith Parr also to be considered.
2) It was agreed that the club will attempt to hire a mini bus for the next NL away match at Stockport 16th August, the same three cars having been used again today and this being the longest away trip of the Div 1 NL season. A mini bus may also be considered for Astley (13th Sept) and Edinburgh (11th Oct) if we can source one.

Terry's Take:

I think I like the Bury track. Don't score many points on it but the track is a great one to race on and today I was largely allowed to do that within my limited capabilities without being battered.

I don't like the way the current crop of tiny tots are being tutored. I won't use the word "coached" because surely a real Coach wouldn't do this. It's incredible and incredulous to see miniature people using their tiny little elbows to try and nerf much bigger people into the fence or blindly chop across the front with no idea of the potential catastrophic consequences, and it's all down to whoever is teaching them. We've never done this and I hope never will.