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Northern League 1ST Jun. 2014

Division Two


Redshaw maximum for Vikings


Glasgow 55 – 94 Northumbria, Northern League 2, Sunday 1st June 2014.

Northumbria used their considerable extra experience to dominate this meeting, they were faster every time to the first bends and wily enough to stay in front most of the time. Dan Redshaw lead the way with a first ever full max in a Northern League fixture, Daniel Wharrier only dropping a single to home top man Andy McDougal, while captain Jim Graham was solid at No.1 with 17 points. Terry Kirkup and Andy Knowles provided plenty of high scoring back up, but stealing the show were super veterans Keith Dyer and Jimmy Smith who both acquitted themselves well when taking a ride each against some of the newer Glasgow riders and grabbing third places, these two elder Vikings both north of 65 and riding against men half their age.

McDougal was always in the thick of the action for the home side, with Joe Beuckmann decent in support, while Sean Webster will be a fine rider once he learns to gate, his determination and stamina getting him into good positions if not quite rewarded with as many points as he might have merited. Despite rain falling throughout the meeting, neither of the country’s newest set ups will have had their spirits dampened, another good days racing and a thoroughly enjoyable and sporting fixture which hopefully will get more competitive in time as the Lanarkshire club continues to develop.


GLASGOW: 55 Andy McDougal 15, Joe Beuckmann 13, Sean Webster 11, Ian Fraser 6, Dougie Webster 5, Ian Fraser 4, Brian Fraser 1

NORTHUMBRIA 94: Dan Redshaw 20, Daniel Wharrier 18+1, Jim Graham 17, Terry Kirkup 15+2, Andy Knowles 13+4, Neil Magee 7+1, Keith Dyer 2, Jimmy Smith 2

Here's Andy McDougall's programme coz I like his version best:

Terry's Take

Not sure who compiled this report (only 99%!) I nicked from but it may not be strictly accurate - my score is wrong to start with!

Anyway, the first thing I see after we roll up at the ghostly Cathkin Park gates is a Wee Man pulling shale off the inside of the track. I leap to the task and attempt to wrestle the rake away from the wizened, but firmly clenched hand. It's the hand of Charles Mackie, aka Wor Chic, and he's reluctant to let go. However, I persevere as he shouldn't be doing this with his current health issues,, and complete the third bend for my good old pal of very long standing. Fortunately he's accepted he can't ride again, at least not for a good while, though he is keeping the legs spinning gently.

There were some more new faces that we hadn't seen before but as the match progressed we realised the home side was full of super-keen newbies and last-minute volunteers drafted in to help out Andy and Joe as they both battled gamely with great support from a speedy Sean Webster. So yes, we had an unexpectedly easy ride this time. Still plenty of action and cheering though with plenty of enthusiastic crowd support in the steadily worsening rain. All-in-all a good day out for the Vikings second team regulars, with the added spice of witnessing Jim Smith and Keith Dyer really giving it what for in their single rides.

Unfortunately my attempted capture of Keith's practice start from the top of the bank failed miserably as he came screaming down and just managed to find some nice grass to swerve onto to kill his momentum, otherwise he'd have impaled himself on those park gates!


Never realised just how disconcerting it is to have your teammate frantically screaming instructions at you all the way through a race until heat four today...