Sun 28th Sept - 3 Rivers League @ Edinburgh by Neil Magee


Jason Keith 42444=18

Dan Wharrier 2121 = 6

Jim Graham 13 =4

Dan Redshaw 3443=14

Andy Knowles 2*1+1

Neil Magee 321=6

Dean Douglas 111=3

Dan Thompson 121=4


Jake Slight 313*=7+1

Louis Kennedy 1242* = 9+1

Chris Lee 443*3=14+1

Gavin Kennedy 23*4=9+1

Ewan Kennedy 434=11

Calum Cairney 12*2=5+1

Marcin Czarkowski 3*2*3=8+2

Dougie Morgan 432*=9+1

A strong Edinburgh line up had no trouble seeing off the Vikings challenge, though Dan Redshaw and Jason Keith put up a reasonable fight, Redshaw paticularly impressive as he saw off a strong challenge from Jake Slight in heat 7. Dan Wharrier looked a little off his usual pace after nearly 2 months off the bike and was also unlucky when crashing with Marcin Czarkowski as the pair battled hard. Chris Lee who is on the comeback trail yet again top scored for the Falcons.



Colin Grey 2*111=5+1

Andy McDougal 34233=15

Shane Lawton 23341=13

John Murphy 42*3*4=13+2

Neil Swanson 4444=16

Sean Webster 1121=5


Dan Redshaw 44432=17

Dan Thompson 1211=5

Dan Wharrier 3332=11

Dean Douglas 12*1=4+1

Andy Knowles 2*312*=8+2

Jim Graham 32*23=10+1

Jason Keith 44=8

Supervet John Murphy showed being in his 8th decade is no barrier to his speed on track, his famous white shoes pedalling hard and smooth as he rode to 13+2, he along with fellow guest Neil Swanson leading Glasgow to the win, with Shane Lawton also impressive. Northumbria were of course more concerned about the track time for their new riders than the match points, Dan Thompson having his moments including a superb inside pass on Colin Grey in heat 4, while Dean Douglas rode a determined first bend to get round Sean Webster in the following race. Dan Redshaw showed his recent improvement and undoubted class throughout to top score, the others all riding ok, but not quite having the necessary umph to oust the top Glasgow riders from their positions on a consistent basis.



Pickles the Dog won renown for finding the stolen Jules Rimet trophy in 1966, but today an Edinburgh pooch made its own claim for fame after recovering surely a more important artefact than the mere World Cup. This new canine hero emerged from the track clutching a set of lost false teeth in its jaws, not any set of false teeth mind you, these being in fact as you may have already guessed, the false teeth our leader himself, Mr Keith Dyer. Following an annoucement by Dave Beecroft on the PA system, our chairman and his nashers were thankfully reunited, a relief to all involved. Pickles sadly choked on his own lead when chasing a cat just a year later, its hoped that the redbreas mutt and indeed our chairman enjoy a happier ending.

And tk's take on the day:

Unfortunately I couldn't be in two places at once, although I was less than 40 miles from the lads at Glentress on my mountain bike as they completed the third round. However, I can't help feeling warm all over (or something like that!) at the realisation that at last we've introduced some new blood on our travels. Well done indeed to Daniel Thompson and Dean Douglas for having the bottle to travel away with a bunch of strangers and do their bit for their new team. Great stuff lads!

Well done Dan Redshaw in particular and Jason for scoring the bulk of our points in both matches, and while we know it wasn't so much about winning it's still good to pack a few good rides in against stern opposition. Don't worry Mr Wharrier, it'll soon come back to you!