NCSC History Timeline

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Here's a very approximate Timeline laying out the ups, downs and disappearances of NCSC through their "modern" post-'50s era!


Variously, we participated regularly as a team in the

  • Northern Premier League
  • Scottish&Tyneside League
  • Lothian League
  • National League
  • English League
  • British League North
  • North & Scotland League
  • North of England Trophy
  • Inter-City Cup with Hull
  • Ashtonhurst Fours at Manchester
  • Scottish Fours
  • Three Rivers League

1986 Dryburghs International ncsc 600

1940-50 - OK, I know, this is earlier but I really should mention that Newcastle were racing Test Matches against Edinburgh, a few London teams and Catterick Army Camp, for whom Jack Hiscock was a rider!

1960s - see latest info there blot

1965 - Moorland Crescent Mob start riding.
1966 - They move to Monkchester Recreation Ground - do three away Challenge trips to Middlesborough, Edinburgh and Halifax and Test Matches against South Shields.
1967 - Local league under way plus NACSA Team and Individual rounds home and away.
1968 - Local league firmly established, using Monkchester, Fawdon black and Eastfield black tracks.
1969 - Northern Premier League entered, invited to the Manchester league's 21st Anniversary Weekend. Had our first bitter taste of the colossal Carrswood track. Eastfield is "done up" by the Council with Dolomite and proper concrete kerbs at a cost of £4,000!
1970 - Newcastle Vikings lead the NPL points table but it all crumbles half way through the season with the Vikings potentially losing out on their first ever title win after five matches out of eight - why?


1978 - Alan "Ashie" Patterson and Mick Hoult knock on Terry's door - "Fancy starting up again?". So they do, at Fawdon and Eastfield. The "Rebels" are born and set about sorting Dave Armstrong's setup who were back to "playing speedway".
1979 - We rejoin a proper League again - this time the National League. We find the going a bit tough!
Ashie and Terry start meetings with the Sports Council with a view to having new tracks built and the Fawdon track becomes a reality in April '79. The stout wooden fence has no gaps in it so we can't get the bikes on! And the posts are on the inside!!!
We discover that our SUCCESSFUL application for a track to be built by North Tyneside Council at Killingworth requires us to find £2,500! We can't, so it doesn't happen.
Winter League racing took place mainly on Eastfield's car park due to flooding on the track. 
1980 - We join the Scottish and Tyneside League.
1981 - We rejoin the National League. Fawdon rebuilt. 
1982 - National League again. Stuart Craig scores 31 out of 32 and John Wilson gets 27 at Ashtonhurst Fours in Qualy and Semi, as we just miss out on the Final with a shattered Stu losing a run-off against Jeff Weaver. We've arrived in the Big Time, Big Style! Michael Parr wins Junior NRC, beaten only by Keith Oldham. Stuart Craig tops a great season by winning the Big One. He was also the only Geordie to win races at the awesome Denton and Carrswood tracks.
1983 - We join the Lothian League and Newcastle "Reds" win it with "Orange&Blacks" second! 
1984 - Our New Eastfield "Supertrack" opens with the Walkergate Festival. The Council-built £16,000 track is a real racer's paradise, at 87 metres with very long straights and tight bends, banked to the maximum allowed amount of 1 in 12 (looked even steeper to me though!). Fantastic racing "bowl", and destined to produce the best riders the Club ever had.
TK wins the Combination Individual at Bury.Amazingly we had FIVE riders in each of the Senior and Combination National League Individual Finals at Chesham on 15th September! Terry Kirkup came out best winning the Combination title after a tense last race battle against teammate Keith Oldham!
1985 - We join the English League.
1986 - Newcastle stages the Drybroughs Brewery Home International at Eastfield which is hailed as a massive success by the Cycle Speedway world and local press.
1987 - We join the British League North.
Michael Parr wins Tom Owen Trophy/Newcastle Rider's Final 
1988 - Gavin Parr wins Tom Owen Trophy/Newcastle Rider's Final
1989 - Transport and rider difficulties mean we die another day. Five of us - Gavin Parr, Michael Parr, Jason Keith, John Wilson and Terry Kirkup - join Hull CSC for one season on Secondary Licences. 


Gavin and Jason finish second and third in the BLN Under-18 Final at Hull in their Newcastle shirts!
1990 - The "Rebels" bounce back into life for one more season of League racing in the British League North again. We win the BL Combination League Title!

Terry Kirkup becomes British League North Secretary. He rides at Leicester in the National Veteran's Championship Qualifier and qualifies for the Final scoring 10 and then another 10 in the Final after falling twice while leading!


1992 - Our final year as a Club in the British League North. Vikings originals Norman Carson and Terry Kirkup still there 'til the end. Gavin Parr rides for Young England against Young Australia twice and top scores taking Man of the Match!


1993 - The Parr brothers begin their racing spells at Yorkshire club Heckmondwike for a few years.
1994 - Gavin Parr, now a Heckmondwike rider, scores 4 for England in Home International at Stockport.
Michael Parr, now a Heckmondwike rider, scores 3 for England in Home International at Glasgow.

1995 - 1st NCSC Grand Reunion at the PTE Club, Byker.
2005 - 

  • 2nd Grand Reunion at the PTE Club, Byker.
  • Newcastle Vikings, dressed as Team Midaircrisis(Terry's Newcastle Mountain Bike Club) race Hull at their Hessle, Humberside track in a friendly Challenge Match, "for old times sake" and it's a great match on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Mick Hoult, Ashie and Terry ride in National Veteran's Championship Qualifier at Wednesfield with TK qualifying for the Final again scoring 12 and 9. Keith Dyer manages us and Jim Graham photographs it.

2006 - Ashie Patterson rides in National Veteran's Championship at Hull scoring 6. He grabs ex-British Champion Norman Venson's spot who arrives a few minutes too late to take part!
2010 - George Taylor "finds" Terry Kirkup again via Friends Reunited web site - the rekindling begins...

2011 - 

  • Keith Dyer, Jim Smith and Mick Hoult meet in Newcastle's Central Library in January. Is something brewing?
  • They are eventually joined by Terry Kirkup, Norman Carson, George Taylor, Jim Graham and Ashie Patterson. Casual visitors include Lar Henderson, Tony Murray, Eddie Murray, Ant Arrowsmith, Colin Grant and Ernie Kirkup.
  • Jim Smith, Keith Dyer and George Taylor are taken on a magical mystery tour by Terry K. They sit in a car park off Blakelaw Road in the West End in the pouring rain watching Newcastle Phoenix Road Club professing to be running a British Cycling "Go Ride" Cycle Speedway session for kids. What a load of utter rubbish, grass tracking around a massive circle marked with coloured discs (discs were fine), but way too big for the handful of 8 to 12  year olds to manage for one lap on their BMX, Cyclocross and Mountain Bikes, let alone the three laps they were trying to make them do. Terry protested to the organisers, but his pleas fell on deaf, and amazingly inept ears. Definitely not the CS rebirth he was anticipating!
  • Facebook becomes our online meeting room as we pensioners are hauled into the next Century.
  • Things get silly. Someone suggests a Challenge Match against Edinburgh. Plans rush ahead but it fails to happen at the end of the season.
  • Things get really crazy. Someone suggests having a practice ride, but where? Terry remembers riding his mountain bike on an all weather pitch at Alexandra Park, Cramlington. We go there with two bikes but it's been grassed over. No matter, we spend a few Saturdays there.
  • Newcomer and "youngster" Gavin Parr, 39, hears about our strange activity and joins us for a few sessions, then suggests we may be able to ride beside his cricket pitch at Cramlington Sporting Club. He sets up a meeting between its manager Craig and Norman and Terry.
  • We're in! The meeting goes well, the Sporting Club is agreeable and we start using our new "track" immediately, meeting on Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm for about an hour on payment of a small fee, which we all share.
  • Gavin's older brother Michael, the last NCSC rider to ride anywhere (for Heckmondwike) full time, joins us.
  • '80s star Fred Mitchell spots us on Facebook and joins the party, even taking a ride down to Manchester to collect a cycle speedway bike and loads of free bits for the lads! The bits, somewhat ironically, are provided by one-time on track "enemy" of NCSC, Tameside's brilliant Brian Eaton!
  • Keith Oldham, another '80s NCSC stalwart, joins us in November but his bike was nicked 2 years before!
  • Terry starts building bikes - from standard road frames and modified mountain bikes. They all ride pretty well when tested. Jim Graham, Jim Smith and Norman Carson take the plunge and buy them.
  • Fred, Mick Hoult, Mick Parr, Gavin, Ashie, Jim Graham and Terry have their own bikes with Jim Smith and Norman Carson sharing a Terry Special.
  • Mid December - the frost arrives to calm things down!
  • Neil Magee and Paul Dickinson, a pair of Newcastle's last operating riders, make contact. Paul still has his bike!
  • Facebook participants and ex-Newcastle rivals Pete Young (Edinburgh) and Jason Burke (Sheffield)start egging us on to foolish things in 2012!
  • Keith is nominated Secretary of the Veteran Vikings and receives the necessary club affiliation papers from British Cycling who offer reduced joining rates for us "Nomads" - all of a sudden it all looks real now!


  • We continue to hold regular monthly get-togethers at Newcastle Library and practices when weather allows, meeting over tea and scones to see what gems someone may turn up next time, and we'll probably continue to update these pages as time ticks on...
  • Keith Dyer begins his quest to map out our history on his web site including a huge results database.
  • January 2nd 2012, new, more comprehensive NCSC web site launched by Terry Kirkup offering a slightly different slant to Keith's.
  • We start proper programmed matches at Cramlington Sporting Club.
  • Jimmy Smith and Keith Dyer travel down to London to meet old South Shields boss man Leslie Gustafson. They also travel down again to visit Cycle Speedway archives in the British Museum!
  • 1960's Seafield, Scottish Rangers (Edinburgh) and Uxbridge rider star Alan Douglas introduces himself to us - now a Cramlington resident!
  • Neil Magee, Paul and Andrew Dickinson start riding again.
  • Jimmy and Keith travel over the border in search of old cycle speedway tracks - a new hobby!
  • John Wilson returns after a family scare, as keen as ever.
  • Paul and Andrew stop riding again!
  • Keith registers the Club with British Cycling and we all get 1st year Race Licences free!
  • April 22nd and we take on Edinburgh at Redbraes Park in Auld Reekie to mark an incredibly momentous event in our history. Not only did we live to pull it off but we also won our first match back on the track but lost the second in absolutely perfect weather conditions on maybe the best day of the year so far! A fantastic day in all possible ways.
  • May 13th and we travel again, this time to Manchester and the Astley&Tyldesley Club's track at Gin Pit Village. We win again on another blindingly hot day!
  • May 27th sees us off on our second trip in a fortnight, this time to take on our great pals KC Hull on the banks of the Humber. Home side takes no chances putting their top two out against the Nomads, and one of them is the current British Champion! Another fabulous display from Newcastle CSC sees us losing in the last heatafter a super contest.
  • June 3rd and travelling again! This time it's Gavin Parr and Jason Keith reliving their shared CS youth entering the Over 40 Vets British Individuals and Jim Graham and Terry Kirkup tackling the Over 60s (SuperVets) at the same Wolverhampton (East Park) track. Riding all day in a downpour Gavin nets a fabulous second place on 19 after being robbed of the win with Jason scoring 10, while Jimmy gets a great 12 and Terry snatches fourth with 17 to cap an excellent but damp day on the biggest track in the Country at 95 metres!
  • June 4th sees Ashie Patterson on a lonesome trip down to Birmingham for the Over 50 Champs (GrandVets) where he struggles a bit on 6 points.
  • Fred Mitchell begins his EuroVets campaign around the Northern tracks - mad!
  • We stage our second home Grand Prix under Neil Magee's handicapping points system. A great meeting but Terry breaks his right thumb in a crash with John.
  • We struggle to build a team for the Sheffield encounter on June 23rd because its a Saturday and half the lads have to work. Mistake! John goes awol after buying a brand new bike and having a track five minutes from his home citing lack of enthusiasm, leaving the rest of us baffled and conflicting with point number 5 above.
  • Finally we manage to raise 9 riders for Sheffield and are helped immensely by a welcome guest appearance from Gavin's mate, our old adversary from Sheffield Jason Burke, bravely fighting off Cancer, and Neil's new Sheffield domiciled associate Matthew Akers. Another two fabulous matches even though we lost them on the Rocket's wonderful Cookson Park track.
  • 7th July sees us meet after practice racing on Saturday afternoon to discuss a few things, and emerge with two new shirt sponsors in Fred and Jason! A fabulous gesture from both, two of our new core members ready to support the new Nomads with a valuable and extremely welcome cash injection, thanks fellas on behalf of all of us.
  • 9th July sees the monthly get-together at Newcastle City Library where this all started, and a good discussion involving Jim Smith, Jim Graham, Ashie Patterson, Keith Dyer and Terry Kirkup. They emerge after a few hours much more confident about 2013 and the riders we should have available. Some form of structured racing commitment is forwarded and the general concensus is that we could indeed manage it and potentially benefit from it.
  • Early July and BBC TV shows an interest in covering the Nomad's return to the track! It's been a weird few months since we turned our first wheel in anger for decades at Edinburgh on 22nd April. Just 11 weeks ago but it seems like forever, and with tongues wagging in the far reaches of our Sport this media approach put the cap on it, or should have. Unfortunately we are badly disposed as far as displaying our wares in public goes at the moment having no track, so it was disappointing to say the least to have to decline the very gracious offer from an obviously sincere programme maker who is also a keen cyclist himself. There may still be a chance but we'll have to see if we can progress things a wee bit further and take it from there. If we can get John Ferry and Richie Smith fully embedded into our structure I could perhaps see us being able to give a decent representation of ourselves and our Sport, as I never did enjoy hearing the Geordie accent being transmitted. If we could figure the presentation side of things then Richie's coaching involvement and John's general biking knowledge could prove very useful in this respect, aside from their accents with maybe Fred and Neil as secondary front men. I feel the knives coming out...
  • The Eurovets round at Edinburgh on Saturday 21st July saw Coventry's Joe McLaughlin tip off and ride over our Gavin Parr's foot, causing some considerable pain and discomfort. Then in our home meeting on 28th July the same foot got trapped between Jason Keith's wheel and frame to make things quite a lot worse in quite an uncharacteristic crash, meaning he couldn't take part in our practice time trial on Tuesday night, 31st, his first missed meeting aside from holidays.
  • This same month saw Gavin mounted on a Polish Meilek ally frame which he managed to blag from the web somewhere. A bit of tweaking in the Cave at Holystone saw it in pristine condition ready for his track return probably for GP3 on 4th August. Gav has passed on his ex-Andy Moody Archie Wilkinson frame to young Dan Redshaw, who in turn makes his TK-modded frame available to our resident Scot, Alan Douglas who looks like turning a serious wheel again some time soon! It's all still happening amongst the Nomads.
  • August 4th and Richie Smith produced the second biggest surprise of the year when he turned up for GP3 sporting another new Archie Wilkinson bike, black frame with gold wheels. Dear me, how much longer can this sort of behaviour go on?
  • Richie uses his vast knowledge of Local Authority procedure to assist Terry with plans to acquire a track at the Sporting Club. Fingers crossed for this one. Meantime, one of the pre-requisites is the formation of a Committee (I know, I'm dreading it already) and setting up a bank account.
  • 12th August and the trip back from the match against Bury produces the first four "proper" Committee members after the votes of the Finished Jury are cast. Neil is Secretary, Smithy is Treasurer, Keith D is Chairman and Gavin is Assistant Secretary. Later, Richie is appointed Coaching Officer with Funding Co-ordinator chucked in for good measure.
  • We race at Wednesfield where a great day is ruined by the home side's strange and unheard of rider replacement tactics in the second last race! Still a great day though and the homestaers were superb apart from that one crazy error of judgement.
  • Sunday 30th September sees us return to Sheffield for two more challenge matches, this time at their other track at the Graves Tennis Centre (was known as Rowlinson Sports Centre last time we went there). Another fantastic day and one at which Terry meets Ian Brown and Rob Mace for an extremely uplifting chat about track funding.
  • October sees Gavin and Terry meet with the Sporting Club and Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure Services to discuss having a REAL TRACK BUILT at the Sporting Club! Full agreement is reached - we just need the money honey!
  • Gavin switches to mountain bike wheels and tyres following advice from some of his Facebook contacts.
  • Sunday 21st October 2012 sees the re-incarnation of the Newcastle Riders Championship aka the Sporting Club Championship or the Nomads Club Championship or the Northumbrian Riders Championship or... at Cramlington. We start gathering at 10:30am to lay a timber track outline (Neil's idea, Gavin's provision), paint it (Ashie, who else?), erect an electric starting gate (Terry, with Norman's help) and PA system (thanks to Mick's Mike!). It looks like a little stadium by start time at 2:00pm! A great day's racing - although painful for Mick, Neil, Richie and Jimmy Smith - sees Gavin victorious but not without a fight, Jason second and Terry third.
  • Jimmy Smith turns up with the ex-Mick Hoult Archie Wilkinson machine, a beautiful example still looking like new after Mick used it just twice.
  • The same day sees Jimmy Graham, Jason and Terry also turning up sporting mountain bike wheels and tyres and probably setting a new trend for the Nomads as we hear Archie Wilkinson has just now begun to offer this option at his famous Midlands bike and wheel emporium.
  • Fred splashes out again, this time on a brand new alloy Archie as rumours abound about another flood of new kit about to appear!
  • Jason, already mounted on a new steel Archie, buys a Polish Mielec bike to add to his stable.
  • Tuesday 23rd October and Gavin begins his "heavy" floodlit training regime with Jason and Terry, towing each other around our Crammy circuit! Now that hurts! Norman watches in disbelief.
  • Sunday 28th October and we make our final trek out of the North East to allow Edinburgh to exact revenge on us for that early season defeat. It's exactly FORTY SIX YEARS since the current remaining Sixties Kiddies made their first appearance in the Scottish Capital racing at Pilrig Park and Davidson's Mains, both tracks long since overbuilt now. Nomads win the "A" match 77-71 and lose the "B" encounter 70-80 with a lovely buffet to follow laid on by the Falcons.


Saturday 12th January saw Gavin, Mick, Jason and Terry dragging car tyres up and down a car park in Killingworth. Cool! Richie Smith got us indoors at the Percy Hedley Sports Academy for a few weeks and it was great, if a little slippery!
Four intrepid souls, Keith Dyer, Gavin Parr, Richie Smith and Terry Kirkup battled blizzards to reach the Cycle Speedway Development Conference in snow bound Birmingham on Sunday 20th January.
Terry falls out (permanently) with British Cycling over it's refusal of his late entry to the British Veterans Final although it is massively under-subscribed. 
We travel to Edinburgh on 3rd March for senior and junior challenge matches and are well beaten, lack of fitness not helping.
We joined the Northern league (to become North & Scotland League in 2017) as voted for by everyone except Terry at the AGM!


We find one girl and two young brothers from our school sessions. The girl lasts one year and the lads until the end of 2017.
Gavin wins the NL Veterans Championship. Terry wins the Euro-Vets Over 60s title.


Richie and Terry stageTry-It sessions at Cramlington for anyone who'll come.
We finish an amazing THIRD in the 2015 British Veteran's Club Championship at Hull! Gavin wins the British Over 40s Championship and retains his NL Veterans Championship.


Richie and Terry continue staging Try-It sessions at Cramlington for anyone who'll come. Terry plans a DIY floodlight system for the track and persuades Treasurer Jim Smith to buy some lights and a petrol generator. He builds the lamp standards at home and installs the lights himself after Jason provides the electrical bits.
We finish a stunningly amazing SECOND in the 2016 British Veteran's Club Championship at Wednesfield, of all places! Terry wins the Euro-Vets Over 60s title.



Richie and Terry continue staging Try-It sessions at Cramlington for anyone who'll come. We form an alliance with Cycling UK to promote more community activity. By the end of the yeara it has helped somewhat with visits by other groups but no benefit at all in the way of new rider supply. Head-Wall-Bang! Rider interest runs at an all time low as the season drags itself to an unhappy conclusion with us well and truly planted at the foot of the North & Scotland League. I hatte to say "I told you so"! (back in 2012).
Jason finishes a magnificent THIRD in the Euro-Vets Over 40s. Terry finishes equal top on points but loses the Over 60s title on countback.


We kick off the New Year with indoor sessions at Blyth Sports Centre, the track being far too soft for bikes at the moment (mid-March writing this). We also start the new "season" without really having a season to look forward too, or indeed a competitive team at any level, almost back to our revival state of 2012! Turnouts are extremely poor for the indoor racing as they were for our winter indoor league at the end of 2017. Only Jason, Josh, Ashie, Norman, Richie and Keith have turned up more than once. Our "Great White Hope", Lee Redshaw hasn't been seen since one of our last track sessions at Cramlington, dunno if he even wants to ride any more. However we do have a home-and-away Challenge set up with our long-time pals at Hull CSC so not all doom and gloom. The home meeeting on July 8th will be the season's highlight, without any doubt, and I really look forward to that. We visit Hull on 29th April.

Mid-April and Richie Smith begins a revamp of this web site's front pages to more directly target youth and junior riders and hide some of Terry's downbeat editions, the only sensible, or in fact ONLY way to go for us now. 

Keith Oldham and Shane Gray do two matches for Glasgow in the NL Division Two. Jason Keith signs for Edinburgh and puts in a full season for them.


A virtual repeat of 2018 except that Jason Keith, Josh Herring, Shane Gray and Terry Kirkup all sign for Edinburgh, Jason and Terry doing the full season for the Falcons and representing them in the British Vets Team Championship at Leicester on their own against four man squads after Edinburgh's Gavin Kennedy and our Shane Gray pull out of the team! Jason and Terry continue their Euro-Vets adventures, both finishing third in their age categories. Terry rides a handful of matches in the newly-resurrected Yorkshire League at Sheffield, Heckmondwike and Hull at the request of Frank Auffret and clocks up 10,000 miles in the van for CS! Gavin Parr signs for Hull but does not ride.

We end the year with four indoor sessions at Blyth Sports Centre and it is very successful this time even attracting Northern League Champion Nathan Everett-Atkinson, David Cooper and Frank Auffret from Hull, and Falcons Champion Jake Slight from Edinburgh together with the Vikings regulars.


Our eighth year back in the Sport, not really a happy one with still no prospects of a return to League racing as Northumbria. Jason, Josh and Terry re-sign for Edinburgh and are joined by Gavin Parr.

After Terry launches an appeal on Facebook, Sheffield Bossman Robert Mawhood offers us free shale to repair the Cramlington track, ruined by years of over-brushing. Jason and Terry both take their vans down to the Cookson Park track on Saturday 11th January accompanied by the re-emerging JeanPaul Colback and bring back nearly two tons of the stuff. The following day sees Gavin Parr, Norman Carson, Josh Herring, JeanPaul Colback, John Stansfield and TK relaying the trouble spots and levelling the whole surface after raking it loose. Down to the weather now! 

1st bend

pits end

pits end 2


So as we all know only too well now, everything stopped with the Government's national "lockdown" stopping all mixed activity.


One single Northern League match did take place before the curtain fell, and that resulted in a fabulous away win by our adopted Edinburgh club away at 2019 League Champions Astley & Tyldesley (Wigan) with both Gavin Parr and Jason Keith heavily involved.

We then had to wait until mid-2021 lockdown easing for a resumption of some racing. For us it was the nearby Yorkshire League, with Jason again involved in a couple of those evening meetings. We also began to meet again for very light training sessions at Cramlington, more often than not only three or four of us present. A short while later Josh Herring decided that no league racing meant no incentive for him to continue training, so he packed in and left for good.

May 28th saw things go even more sour as track regular Terry Kirkup suffered a broken hip and thigh in a mountain bike racing accident, so one less rider again to keep things going.

It couldn't get much worse, but it did! Jason took part in a Best Pairs meeting at Leicester on 3rd July and managed to break his right shoulder! At least 6 weeks off the bike then, maybe more.


The Euro-vets Grand Prix series resumed in June at Spixworth (Norwich) before moving to round 2 at Exeter and then the one we caught up with at Glasgow on 7th August. That day Jason and Terry provided the Glasgow club with electric starting gates and although not racing were gainfully employed as starting marshalls! 

Our first chance to hook up with our Edinburgh Falcons colleagues came on Sunday 15th August with the away match at Fife (Dunfermline). Gavin made his first track appearance for 16 months and scored an incredible 19 out of 20 to lead the Falcons to a comfortable win. Jason rode in the Division 2 match to get some much needed track time but obviously wasn't at his best with the shoulder injury needing careful management.

On a brighter note, Richie Smith resumes his coaching activities with a visit from Tyneside Outdoors who last tried us out in 2019 and were once again superb guests at Crammy, providing some brilliant track action.