Fixtures 2016


13/3 - A - EDINBURGH
13/3 - A - GLASGOW *
20/3 - H - SHEFFIELD
24/4 - H - BURY
22/5 - H - ASTLEY
19/6 - A - HULL
3/7 - H - GLASGOW *
14/8 - A - SHEFFIELD
18/9 - A - BURY
2/10 - A - STOCKPORT
16/10 - A - ASTLEY
23/10 - H - HULL

* note - double header and will move Glasgow dates



kveĆ°ja {norse - "welcome"}



Catch up with Gavin Parr's latest adventure here.


Eh, what's Short Track Racing?

I've been asked so many times by people who've never heard of Cycle Speedway "What is it?", and decided it's best NOT to use the "Speedway on pushbikes" analogy we've used since World War 2, because an awful lot of folk have never seen Speedway either, but rather to call it "pedal bike racing on a short oval track". So that's what I'm calling it here, you may prefer "Short Oval Racing", I would certainly prefer a name change for a new era - shame on me!).

You won't find shorter than this!


So now, visitor, you know what Cycle Speedway is from the photographs above. Those of us (probably the vast majority) who have it in their blood will describe it as being similar to Roller Derby on bikes, others maybe suggest Destruction Derby is closer to the truth, as a googlie at some CS videos on YouTube may suggest. However savage some of the "friendly" on-track conflict may appear, we love it, get loads of fun and plenty of laughs from it, make new friends, travel quite a bit and stick with it for ages. It is, of course, a great way to stay mobile and reasonably fit if you'd otherwise be using only your elbows to support a glass or a PS4 controller.


Come and have a go!

So, reader, now you know. With 2 or 3 metric dozen clubs around the UK, you can find one close enough to go take a look. You'll be made very welcome, you'll be loaned a bike and helmet, and you'll be shown the ropes by a track expert wherever you land, it's that kind of setup. We are waiting for you at Northumbria STRC (oops, sorry - CSC) but your first visit will prove fruitful whichever club you aim for. Use the links above or below to get in touch, or just turn up at the track when we resume serious Northern League Racing activities on 22nd March at 2:00 pm. Come and watch free, come and ride free. It's your move!



From mid-2015 we have another Major Sponsor!



Wotz Hot?

Training cancelled tonight

See Latest News.

Watson makes Rapid Return under Floodlights

The full test on Tuesday night, 13th October was a complete success and our new DIY floodlights were used in anger the next night as we entertained some new and old riders, and a bit of extra support for our Northumberland County Council inspired "Come & Try It" event. Thanks to NCC's Highways Officer Alex Thompson for coming up with the idea and allowing us to take part in his wider strategy of extending cycle participation and commuting throughout the County.

An extremely welcome visitor was young Jack Watson, so skilled in many forms of cycling, and he showed a mean pair of wheels in a series of super-fast demonstration Match Races with British Champion Gavin Parr indicating he'd lost none of the skill he showed two years ago and has gained quite a turn of speed! Unfortunately Jack is heavily committed to his other racing exploits but we hope to see him at odd times whenever he's free. So frustrating that we know he could waltz into a Heat Leader slot for the Vikings if he chose to, certainly the best prospect and natural talent our Elders have seen since the 1970s!

Jack wasn't the only youngster to show up well, as Alex's prior advertising campaign had attracted a few teenagers along to the session and typically, while slightly unwilling at first, four or five of them did take part in our Try-It session with two 5 man teams competing against each other. The result was very close but largely irrelevant when compared to the performances of these new young riders, all of whom showed great promise on their first attempt at Short Tracking! We sincerely hope they return to take part in further training sessions.

Vintage Racing comes to Cramlington AstroDrome

Yes indeed, Sunday 20th September sees a clash from the 1960s as four of our Founder members take to the track mounted on vintage CS bikes (or as close to vintage as we could get them!) to take part in a one-off special feature race. See Chairman Keith Dyer (66), Treasurer Jim Smith (67), 60s skipper Norman Carson (65) and top man of the day Jim Graham (65) battle it out just as they did all those years ago on a tiny, bare earth oval in Walkergate, Newcastle. OK maybe a little slower this time! This grand event even has a sponsor in the shape of 1960s South Shields CSC Founder and mentor, Leslie Gustafson who was largely responsible for the start of our travelling adventures throughout the UK.

Tapes up at 1:00 pm for the first of three matches between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Northumbria in our Three Rivers League series between the clubs.


He's done it again, but a wee bit better this time!10151290 10206204105354214 4516507293769088147 n

Yes indeed, or fabulous Number One, Captain Fantastic Gavin Parr has won the British Over 40s Championship at Kesgrave, East Anglia on Sunday 30th August 2015, reversing his defeat at the hands of Leicester's Craig Marchant in the World Veterans Final this time. This is proper reward for the dedication and extremely savage training regime Gavin has embarked upon this year culminating in the best ever result for a Northumbria (and Newcastle!) rider in any national competition since the Sport started up in the North East.

Picture above (credit to the photograph's owner) shows left to right current World Champion Craig Marchant, new British Champion Gavin Parr and last year's World Champion Steve Harris (Poole).



topthreeGavin Parr finishes 2nd in World Final!

(but he's the Best Over 40 in the World!)

For full details see Skippers Blog.


Vikings make history as they capture Bronze in British Veterans Club Championship!

See #AWAY tab for the full, enthralling story!

Our "Rock Up & Ride" Fun Club is now over for 2015 BUT

Why not join the Vikings at their Tuesday evening sessions from 6:30? floodlightss

Your chance to join the Team! Come and see what our Sport is all about and maybe try a few laps when the meeting is finished? Practice and new rider trial sessions are all very laid back and informal, no need to race if you'd rather cruise and get used to having no brakes and not much of anything else! Plenty of bikes and helmets available for first timers, any age, so if you like a dash of speed on two wheels, come and sample Short Track Racing at the only track between Hull and Edinburgh. In this exciting minority Sport you could soon be representing your town and county.


Here are our remaining major fixtures:


26th - Eurovets @ East Park, Wolverhampton
27th - H v HULL (NL)

3rd - H Autumn Grand Prix - Round 1 
10th - Eurovets @ Bury
11th - A v EDINBURGH (NL)
18th - H v SHEFFIELD (NL)
24th - H Autumn Grand Prix - Round 2
31st - H Autumn Grand Prix - Round 3

7th - Northumbrian Riders Championship




Red Faces!
2005 and a very young Andy Angell of Hull CSC (gate 4, red helmet) makes primates out of veteran Vikings Jason Keith (gate 1) and Terry Kirkup under the Humber Bridge. This was a one-off Friendly to get a few legs rolling for the British Veterans Championship at Wednesfield the same year, and was actually Hull CSC versus Newcastle Mountain Bike Club, otherwise known as Midaircrisis. Current riders Gavin Parr, Dan Wharrier and Terry Kirkup are all members of the MTB club.

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Remaining Fixtures

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Main Dates remaining in 2015... 
9/8 Home to glasgow (NL), 
15/8 Over 40's Bitish Team Final @ Hull, 
16/8 @ Stockport (NL), 
30/8 @ Edinburgh (3rivers), 
13/9 @ Astley & Tyldesley (NL), 
20/9 Home (3Rivers), 
27/9 Home to Hull (NL), 
11/10 @ Edinburgh (NL), 
18/10 Home to Sheffield (NL)




We are always looking for extra help on match days and all such offers would be gratefully accepted and really appreciated. Like most other amateur sports clubs we do depend heavily upon parents and relatives, so if you think you could offer to help out in even the smallest way then just ask any club member for further information. You can also e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinator through our inbox at vikings @


 The Season Takes Off

It was "Tapes up" time at the Sporting Club as the Northumbria Vikings began their 2015 Northern League home campaign with the visit of the very strong Bury club on Sunday 22nd March. See "About Us" above for full fixture list. With a great many rider transfers taking place over the winter across most of the English teams there was a feeling that the Vikings may be the only club not to have strengthened their side, so expectations started out pretty low, especially after the defeat in our first match at Heckmondwike in Yorkshire on 15th. You can read the results of these matches via the @Crammy and #Away links above but in reality until we see an influx of strong teenage talent from local bike clubs, schools and passers-by we've accepted that the wooden spoon is a distinct possibility this season. On the bright side of course, the spirit in the camp is perhaps stronger than ever as we continue to build 



and of course anyone else over 16, both ladies and gentlemen - there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT and this year we have riders in their early-20's and early 40s making their debuts! Come along on Saturday and show us what you can do!
Keep watching here and our FaceBook page (see link below) for information on training, racing and coaching, and come see what our Sport can offer YOU!

you ride with the Vikings entirely at your own risk

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 Vikings Captain Gavin Parr (right) with Hull CSC supremo, British Champion Andy Angell